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Vaya con dios, brah
Happy New Year!

The New Year is a time of giving thanks for the blessings of the past and expressing hope for the promise of the future.

Since 2010 was a year of slow economic recovery from the financial meltdown of 2008 with near double digit unemployment, the Dempsey-Chiam family is grateful for three employed and healthy children.  Despite Gen Y inheriting the bleakest economic future in the history of America (thanks to their parents), Paul and Dot find themselves true empty-nesters, as Jessica and Stephen both moved out this past year.  They are both still living in Arlington and are close enough for the frequent meal (and Stephen actually keeps his home office in the basement, still), but they are slightly detached from the umbilical cord. 

If coffee was the drink of choice for the baby boomers, energy drinks are what this current generation turns to, to get them through the work day.  Stephen had a successful year with Red Bull, bringing much needed energy to our nation’s capital with Red Bull Soundclash that took place in front of the Capitol.  He also helped execute the District’s first-ever wakeboarding event in July at National Harbor. 

Since working from home provides it’s down time, Stephen decided to foster an arthritic pit-vizla mix, Bodhi, who gave Nixy all she could handle, despite working with three legs.


Jessica spent the majority of 2010 as the manager of Georgetown Running Company.  Her older brother can attest that she has turned that store around, where they have gone from being brother/sister to rep/account.  Now that Jessica is a customer, Justin has to do things like fly her out to Seattle and entertain her, adding a fun twist to sibling rivalry.

Jessica takes heed to the W’s tired message and puts all of her hard-earned cash back into the economy, traveling to North Carolina often (and Rio once) to see her boyfriend, Drew.  She piggybacked her trip to Rio with a visit to our surrogate mom, Lucy, in Santiago.  Lucy is doing well, although misses her three “kids” in America.

Justin’s grandmother once said of a future son-in-law selling cars, “At least he doesn’t sell shoes.”  Well, while Americans have cut back on automobiles, they seem to still need shoes, which may still embarrass his grandmother, but it keeps Justin employed.  Justin is in his 4th year with Brooks and continues to enjoy the athletic industry.  He has a full year in Seattle under his belt, although 50% of his year was spent on the road, traveling with his reps.  He is enjoying seeing the country, having visited every major city in America this past year, at least once.  The highlight of his year was getting away for a week to Montana, where he celebrated his 31st birthday with a 31-mile run around Whitefish and caught the end of summer in Glacier National Park.


Dot and Paul continue to revel in retirement, traveling as much as they are at home.  Dot’s year began on a sad note, flying to Malaysia to attend the memorial for her brother-in-law, who died of prostate cancer.  Paul also had a serious bout with prostate cancer, but he fortunately was able to come out clean, and recover swiftly.  After another cancer scare in the Dempsey-Chiam household, Dot and Paul spent much of their summer sprucing up the cabin on Guemes Island and touring the surrounding islands and Vancouver on their bikes.  They ended their year with a quick trip to New Zealand to hike Milford Sound and the Franz Josef glacier.

As this New Year begins, we wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2011.

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